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About Us

Hailing from the corporate ecosystem itself, we understand the acute importance of creating a healthier workforce. And that is what we are here to do, bring composite state-of-the-art vending services in the comfort of your work space. Our main focus is to create synergy in the work environment by satiating the nutritional needs of your employees with our Snack & Beverage vending machines that are not just smart but also healthy.

We like seeing happy faces around and we know it will rebound on us.

Our aim is to introduce premium vending services at the comfort and convenience of your workplace. We constantly introduce the best vending systems across the country tailored to your snack and beverage needs.

Our aim is to bring your delicious cravings the closest to you, when hunger strikes.

Why Us

What do we have for you?

  • No capital investment on your end.
  • Smart vending machines with full provision for currency denomination.
  • Variety of hand – picked and assorted snacking items round the clock with complete responsibility of logistics and machine maintenance.
  • We keep up with our quality, maintaining high standards of hygiene and freshness in our products.
  • High performing refill team to ensure quickest turnaround and reduced refill times. Bid adieu to inadequate snacking options at any point.
  • We put our efforts to employ state–of–the–art technology with our vending machines to keep up with the constant evolution of the corporate needs.
  • The joyousness of happy and energetic people around.

What we need in return

  • Office space for our installations.
  • Minimal service charges for our machinery that will be at your perusal in the workplace.
  • Access to our refilling team for stock replenishment.
  • Ensuring a safe & sound environment for our machines to be secured from damage.

We think of you before you think of us !

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why you need us !

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Our smart & healthy vending machines will be installed at premium office spaces and cafeteria premises across corporate workplaces and institutions. The opportunity to reach out to a target audience across all age groups will lend a wider scope to promote.

Leverage the visibility of your brand through publicising on our vending machines.

Media and Us

Good work never goes unnoticed and we have managed to garner recognition along our way. We have been featured in multiple platforms for the tremendous client experience we offer in Vending Industry.

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